Benchmarking Project Support

Benchmarking Partner Search

The search for the ideal partners, willing to exchange views openly and initiate a mutual learning process is definitely not an easy thing. The IZB supports you at the difficult task through its many years of experience and good connections with IZB members best practice companies worldwide.

In addition, the IZB is in contact with international benchmarking centers and benchmarking experts from around the world and is a founding member of the Global Benchmarking Network (GBN). Currently, 20 nations are represented in the GBN network. One of the tasks of the GBN is to assist in the search for international benchmarking partners.

The National Benchmarking Centers will help you to find benchmarking partners in your country and be able to contact your local companies directly. The advantage of this international network for the search of suitable benchmarking partners offers our customers the opportunity to use the most successful companies worldwide in the context of benchmarking projects.

Benchmarking Clearinghouse

As a neutral institution, the Information Center Benchmarking establishes initial contacts as part of the initiation of a benchmarking project and creates the basis for the necessary mutual trust, which is strengthened by the signing of the Code of Conduct.

In the scope of the Clearinghouse function, the IZB liaises with the benchmarking partners and the entire correspondence. That includes, in particular, the distribution of questionnaires, the execution of business processes on site and the anonymization of the data for a neutral evaluation of the results. All companies participating in the benchmarking project will receive the results of the benchmarking on request in an open or anonymous form. The Benchmarking Clearinghouse function of the IZB is an essential task to ensure a trustful cooperation between the benchmarking partners and to ensure the success of a benchmarking project.

Benchmarking Studies

The IZB at the Fraunhofer IPK conducts primary and secondary studies and surveys on behalf of companies and on its own initiative.

The studies serve to identify future potentials and to identify emerging trends in different industries, markets or technologies.

Some examples:

  • Benchmarking Study “State of Benchmarking in Germany”
  • Benchmarking study “Document logistics”
  • Benchmarking study “Measurement and evaluation of the innovative capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany”
  • Benchmarking study “Benchmarking trends in real estate and urban development”

Benchmarking Seminar/Training

We offer your company wide repertoire of benchmarking trainings. As a matter of course, there is also the possibility to tailor each type of training specifically to your planned benchmarking project or topic.

The training design design the training interactively, so that the participants can also organize the training.

  • Benchmarking Basics Training (1 day)
  • Benchmarking Workshop (1 day)
  • Benchmarking Process Modelling Training (1day)